D'Ville Classics

You Dream it we Build it

About Us 

D'Ville Classics can be found in Durbanville and is owned by Neville Murray.

The former hobby has now turned into a thriving mini business for engineer Neville Murray.

Having retired from framing and the corporate world he is turning his passon for motorcycles into creations by recycling and repurposing BMW motorcycles.

He has ridden and worked on BMW's and other motorcycles since a young age.


Neville has been involved in restoring cars and bikes as a hobby for 20 years.
Having ridden thousands of kilometers onroad and offroad for he past 35 years Neville has enjoyed numerous Roof of Africa Rallies in Lesotho and has participated in four Dakar Rallies.
Generally we keep the older more classics bikes as donor stock to restore them or to transform into new D’Ville Classics creations.
Chris Brand has  joined D’Ville Classics.
He is highly skilled innovative mechanic in every aspect and is an asset to our business.



Our Creations take 4 to 6 weeks to build depending on clients needs.Pricing is individual to each bike and customer needs.We look forward to hearing from you to talk about your new ideas.



Our friendly and experienced staff always strives to fulfill your wishes. The foundation of our work ist honesty, so you can rely on great service.